Todd White predigt auf dem Sternplatz in Lüdenscheid
On Saturday afternoon during BURNING HEARTS hundreds of participants with a burning heart ran into the whole city. There was a faith, that signs and wonders would happen through the Holy Spirit. Smaller teams also evangelized in Hagen, Werdohl and Altena. Todd White and Ben Fitzgerald proclaimed the gospel, people converted and sick got healed. Many people encountered Jesus personally on the street.

Youths at the plaza, who were demonstrating for the free use of cannabis, encountered Jesus and together with some other people they got saved that afternoon. For one woman it was painful to walk, she also sat in a wheelchair, then she got prayer and was able to walk much better - and without pain.

A five-year-old girl received an impression from God, where she saw a man with a blue jacket. The child’s family finally met exactly this Syrian in the city. They told them about Jesus, prayed for him and 
were able to encourage him. Now his children come to the children’s group. 

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