Let’s give you a short introduction of the headmaster behind the REVIVAL SCHOOL:

Andi Schuster arrived here in 2009 as a student…and stayed. Today he is leading the REVIVAL SCHOOL. Andi is married with Hanna and they have a wonderful daughter, Evangelyn. He loves to proclaim God's word, to work with young people and help them to build a personal, vital relationship to Jesus. He always wants more – more of God's power, more of the Holy Spirit, more signs and wonders.


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Formation of the FCJG Training Center

Over 30 years ago we felt within our community that it was time to respond to the call of God to go to the nations. Jesus already said to his disciples when he was still alive: “Look at the fields, they are ready for the harvest. Pray to the Lord that he sends workers to the harvest.” So in 1985 we started the first school with seven young people – in a house in Lüdenscheid, which a preacher couple provided for us.

One year later, through a great wonder, we could buy the house which is the Training center today.

Mission: Collection – Equipment – Transmission

Since then several hundred of students came to be trained from God for His wonderful mission: young men and women, married couples, singles and families from different nations and confessions. Some of them built up new services and churches, a lot are on the way with HELP International or other mission organizations. Countless people experienced God´s changing love and discovered new perspectives for their life.

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