How long can a person stand on one leg? I made it for 3.31 minutes, and that it is impossible to only walk on one leg, is obvious. Limping or jumping would be the most. As much as it takes two legs to firmly stand or be able to walk, in the same way it takes prayer and evangelism to merge.

».. but Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, did not depart from the tabernacle.«
Exodus 33:11

Representative for his generation, Joshua LIVED as a young man in the very presence of God. At this point, we find the cause for all victories, God’s favour, courage of faith and the land taking we are reading about in Scripture. It’s my prayer for today’s young generation, that they may live in that way before God, never leaving this deep and abiding fellowship with Him.

Begegnung mit Gott

Johannes Facius made the following statement, »We are not going to see revival if the fire of God is not burning on the altar day and night« - and I fully agree. This is the reason why we as a mission community put such an emphasis on prayer – on abiding prayer! The victories in our lives, in Germany and the nations, are birthed in God’s presence and no-where else. How will workers go into the harvest without asking the Lord of the harvest for it? How shall we take nations as our inheritance without claiming them in prayer (Ps. 2)? How shall streams of living waters flow from us without drawing from the very well? There is an immediate connection between prayer and revival, between God’s presence and living a life of breakthroughs, between prayer and transformation of nations.



Prayer Mountain for the Nations is a dwelling place of God’s presence. Thousands have had life-changing encounters with God here. In the beginning, we used a tank tent for prayer gatherings, and to this day people testify of the intense presence of God in this place. Summer of Love alone (in the years 2003 and 2004) drew 45,000 visitors to our tent meetings. With the dedication of the prayer house in July 2005, God proceeded with a new chapter of his presence on Prayer Mountain.


As community, we love to gather before God in on in this place and to welcome prayers from all over the world. Besides big prayer gatherings, there are also individuals who come here to seek God. Like the two boys who genuinely asked if they were allowed to climb the radio tower on our estate in order to get closer to God. Or the globetrotter who is seeking God with all his heart. The spiritual leader who comes for a few days to spend time in God’s presence. The Lüdenscheider who comes to find peace as well as innumerous others who have had encounters with God here.

Summer of Love

It’s a privilege for us to celebrate two anniversaries on the occasion of Burning Hearts Summer 2020: the 20th anniversary of Prayer Mountain and the 15th anniversary of the prayer house. You are welcome to be part of a summer of encounters with God, and to embrace healing for you and people with you who don’t know God.

Birgit Janke

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