Last Saturday we hosted a Prophetic Seminar day, people joined from across the nations via Zoom and right here in person!

What a powerful prophetic day we had, Dr. Sharon Stone led us into the understanding of prophecy in such a sensational yet simple way that every person could grasp it.
Many were encouraged, received prophesies that were confirmations over their lives, and some cried because they were so touched by a word straight from the heart of God!

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Our heart and vision for this prophetic day was that each person realizes that prophecy is important and has a significant part to play in our everyday lives. That’s why in the afternoon we had three workshops, prophecy, prophetic singing, and prophetic art where every person could step into prophecy themselves and experience how the Holy Spirit moves through them!

Here are two testimonies from the participants:
“Without knowing the man in front of me, I told him that I saw a visual picture of a doorknob. I encouraged him to take a new step because God would be with him. Astonished the man told me he was considering writing a book called “opening the door.”

“I was able to participate in a prophetic singing workshop for the first time.
After a short introduction we split up in groups of two. Now we asked the Holy Spirit for a picture, put it into words, and sang it over our partner.
It overwhelmed me that my partner received the Bible verse that has been comforting me for weeks: ‘The Lord will fight for you but you will be quiet.’ (Exodus 14:14)
By this experience God impressed me and touched me really deeply!! I can hardly believe how good God is, as he confirmed this word!!!!
After our practice units, we drove to Lüdenscheid. Three of us felt lead to address two women. One woman allowed us to bless her and to the other one we gave a prophetic word.”

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Prophecy is not a one day event!

It doesn’t stop there; prophecy is not a one day event but a gift from the Holy Spirit which he wants to give every day. It’s as simple as receiving the perspective of God for someone and sharing it! Not just looking with our natural eye, but spiritual eye, to see what God sees, and then releasing it! This has the power to transform a life, and to lead people closer to the heart of Jesus!
This can take place not only at church, but at the supermarket, in your work place or in a restaurant. If you know the Holy Spirit, then he is ready and waiting to give you a prophetic word each and every day! Why not try it out on your next trip to the supermarket? Simply asking ‘Holy Spirit, how do you see this person?’

*If you missed out on the Prophetic Seminar day, then we have a treat for you, you can watch the morning teaching with Dr. Sharon Stone on our FCJG YouTube channel!
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