I say to you who listen:
"Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,
bless those who curse you,
pray for those who offend you." (Luke 6:27 & 28)

This is a clear, simple instruction and yet it is so little acted upon.
We can think of umpteen arguments why it is just not that simple. Our feelings also aim in a completely different direction. Besides, we are in the right, and we want to get that.
Blessing, prayer and forgiveness do not want to pass our lips.
Unfortunately, the whole situation remains nailed and the relations are still bad and disturbed.
What to do?
So let's take a look at this verse and start praying.
First, blessing: very much blessing on every area of my adversary's life. This feels kind of crazy, and sometimes I have to give myself a push to keep praying. But all of a sudden I feel freedom and a new distance from the hurtful events and words.
Thank God, I can bless! I don't have to retaliate or wait to be proven right. I can bless and expect my salvation and help to come from God.

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"Pray for those who offend you."
In the word "offend" is the word suffering. And among us Christians, too, much suffering arises from words and deeds. It would be nice if there were therefore also much prayer and intercession. But experience shows that there is more complaining, badmouthing and unforgiveness.
But Jesus has shown us a clear way out with this verse. It is the way out for both parties:
You pray for someone who has treated you badly and the other person experiences God's intervention in his life in one way or another. (He is also in need 😊)
Equally important is God's gracious action on your heart when you intercede: Again and again, the Holy Spirit flushes all anger, bitterness, and bossiness from your heart when you pray for the other person. Not just once, but again and again. You break through to genuine forgiveness. As Jesus forgives you, over and over again, so you learn to forgive. Jesus accepts sinners, Jesus also accepts you in your sin. In the same way, you learn to accept the other.
This does not happen theoretically, not in the "audience seats". You have to go into practice. Pray and wrestle until you are free.
Free from the hard unforgiveness. Free from pain.
Free to see the other not only in the light of the injustice experienced.
Free to stand again at God's side and see the other through His eyes. Free to love anew and move forward.

Love, blessing and intercession. God's ways are the best.

They lead to the destination. Also in this case.

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