"Suddenly I saw the globe in the universe and the Lamb was moving around the globe. It had a flag in its hand with the inscription: I AM VICTORIOUS!!! FOLLOW ME AND PROCLAIM MY WORD! Some people followed him and proclaimed the word of the LORD. This lamb began its course 300 years ago in Herrnhut. The people who followed him are all the missionaries who have been sent out since.”

We are thankful for all who have already gone to the unreached peoples! Yet so many people have not yet heard the Gospel. In this prophetic vision, I saw the Lamb moving further and further around the globe. Today it calls us to follow it and proclaim the Gospel. His goal is still that as many people as possible would be saved. When I realized this, I fell to my knees and asked forgiveness for myself, Germany, Europe and the whole world. We keep hearing the call of the Lamb to go, but we do not. You and I, we are called to go with the Lamb into all the world and tell all people of His redemption."

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Photo: In front of the church in Berthelsdorf. On August 13, 1727, the Moravian Church was founded here.
From left: Diane Uppmann, Linde Hals, Ela Schöttler, Katja Biedermann, Michelle Wütrich

Interestingly, I had this prayer impression during a prayer time at "Jesus Haus" in Herrnhut. I did not know that it was the logo of the Herrnhut Brethren Community: the lamb with the flag of victory and the inscription: The Lamb has conquered, let us follow him!

Immediately our prayer time turned into a celebration full of rejoicing, dancing and gratitude. Knowing that victory had already been won, we began to proclaim truths about Germany. After all, it is so much easier to follow Jesus than to try to make a way for Him in our own strength. We fell to our knees to surrender ourselves anew to Jesus without resisting the urgency of His call.

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Photo: Prayer time in the "Jesus House" in Herrnhut

Some of us from FCJG went to Herrnhut to learn more about and honor the spiritual heritage of the missionary and prayer movement of the Herrnhuter Brother Community. The Moravian Church and its founder, Count Zinzendorf, are a model and inspiration for the FCJG. To date, the movement has grown to 1700 congregations in over 40 countries. Their dedication to prayer, mission and common life is exemplary.

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Photo: Herrnhut is located on the border with the Czech Republic and Poland

During our visit to Herrnhut, and especially during the prayer time described above, we began to see what the "fire" was kindling in them. The victory of the Lamb! The Great Commission is not yet fulfilled! We believe and pray that a missionary movement will start again from Germany, bringing a rich harvest worldwide, supported and lead by constant prayer.

Diane Uppman

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Photo: Unity logo of the Moravian Church with the Latin inscription "Vicit Agnus Noster - Eum Sequamur", in English "Our Lamb has triumphed - let us follow him".
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