60 years of continuous prayer on the Lindenberg, Black Forest
For sixty years, day and night, men have been praying for peace in the pigrims’ church Maria Lindenberg at St.Peter in the Black Forest. They pray for peace in families, between countries and for the world. These prayer watches started 60 years ago as intercession meetings in support of negotiations of the then German chancellor Konrad Adenauer. 30 men prayed day and night for the success of those negotiations. This led to the ongoing prayer watch on the Lindenberg, with 1000 men joining every year. The main topic is peace in relationsships - in families and in society. The men gather day and night interceding for Germany, impacting our secular society with their prayers.
The 60th aniversary of the mens’ prayer watch was reason for a celebration with more than 500 participants. Even the chancellor congratulated in writing, honoring the exemplary commitment.
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