In October we were privileged to accompany Walter Heidenreich and Petra Feddersen to a seminar in Imst with the title "Charisma". What a powerful time, what a blessing! We received a lot of blessings but also had the opportunity to pass on a lot. The other seminar participants were very touched by our Wiedenhof community and also by the personal stories our Rehab guests shared. Such seminars are always a privilege to be a part of, but also totally broadening our horizons, challenging, and healing. We are very grateful for the time in Imst and would like to tell you about it.

Through a piano piece in a powerful time of God's presence, I was able to come to terms with my brother's death and could finally let go of him.

God had already put his finger on my performance mindset while we were at home. During the time in Imst I was standing at a crossroads where the road went uphill. I imagined how it would be to master this climb and became a little hysterical. Then we found a solution that I could be picked up by car and everything was ok. God told me that I should trust him and not my expectations. He has forgiven me. In the evening at the seminar the Father met me strongly with His love and deep trust grew in me. 2 days later I walked the same path and it was possible for me. When God shows the way, He always gives the grace to make it happen.

I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit very intensely in Imst, it felt like something was flowing through my veins. I shouted as loud as I had never shouted before and I realized that something had left me. Since then I feel that the Holy Spirit is at work. There is peace and calmness in me and I see things differently than before.

During Imst God told me not to wear make-up anymore and showed me how he sees me and how much he loves me. That was very overwhelming. During a session in Imst I experienced deliverance from abuse and rejection and had a very powerful time with the Holy Spirit.

In one meeting, when the Holy Spirit was moving very powerfully, I experienced how God set me free from fear of man and the need for control. He met me very deeply and I was able to accept it. He changed me and still does.

That evening, when the Holy Spirit was working so powerfully, I was able to sit quietly amidst all the laughing, crying, and screaming and felt complete calmness and God's peace. I got a word from someone that I would encounter God.

This was an insight into how God blessed us and our Rehab guests. In the presence of the Holy Spirit more things happen than sometimes in one year of rehabilitation. In addition to beautiful nature, lots of hiking and a lot of fellowship, we also had a lot of fun and to top it all off we had the chance to ride the longest Alpine coaster in the Alps.

By the way, all corona tests turned out negative.

Einzelbild Imst
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