Finally, the time has come: finally debt-free!
For six years we prayed this prayer, "Heavenly Father, grant that we may enter the New Year debt-free!"

Our house, built in 1889, was getting quite old, so the following renovations were urgently needed:

-heating -€ 130,000
-car workshop-€ 8.000
-Roof-€ 176.000
-facade renovation-€ 34.000

In addition there were:
-legal fire protection measures -€ 30,000
-windows-€ 37,000
In 2014, we thus had a mountain of debt of -€ 415,000.

Phew, that was a big faith challenge for us and we went through ups and downs during that time.
Then in 2016 came the first "ray of hope" - a foundation donated € 180,000 to us in one fell swoop!
In 2018 came another large amount of € 100,000 .
Thanks to many steadily smaller and larger donations, our remaining debt in 2020 amounted to "only" -€ 30,000.
The hope grew: this year is it so far - we will go debt-free into the new year!
In December 2020, a large amount actually arrived and finally we can say: we are debt-free!
What joy! What a blessing! What a relief!
For us, looking back, a miracle of God!

We are writing these lines to say thank you.
First, to our wonderful, faithful, gracious God who has faithfully stood by us to this day.
Second, thank you to you who have faithfully and generously supported us all these years, whether in prayer, friendship, or with finances.
We appreciate and honor that so much!


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