My career as a "gangster" began 12 years ago, since then guilt accumulated ad infinitum. Prison sentences, state therapies, rehabilitation and spiritual teachings failed. Guilt was my constant companion, the first thing I thought when I got up in the morning and my last thought before going to sleep.

When I came to the Wiedenhof, I began to pray. Every day - always the same wish: " God, please forgive me my fault". For fourteen days nothing happened, but I was determined not to give up. During a time of prayer together, I once again brought my need to God. I prayed for forgiveness of my sins and for release from my endless guilt. I laid everything before God, enumerated my "sacrifices," allowed situations to come back to my mind, and asked Jesus to take this burden from me. Inwardly, I cried out and pleaded with God. At that moment, a co-worker stood next to me and quietly prayed for me, very unspectacularly. When he left, I became quiet inside, my prayer and my thoughts fell silent. I received forgiveness that night and the realization of what it means that Jesus already died for my sins. With my mind I cannot yet comprehend this, but in my heart I know and feel: I am free! I am forgiven.
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