Hello I am Sougou!

Since I remember, I suffer on an internal unrest. Nobody knows, where it comes from. I was a big challenge for my teachers and my mum. When I was 8 years old I got a diagnose of ADHD. I got prescribed Ritalin, after two years I don´t take it anymore. As I became a teenager, I get to grips with drugs with this unrest, but it did not help.

God did not created ADHD!

This was what he says to me one day. He shows me the reason for this unrest – it was a deep pain from my early childhood, what I have covered with a thick wall. God wanted to remove this wall, but I don´t know how he will do this. I tried from my own strength through prayer and my own power, to cry out the pain and get some tears. Of course, it was useless.

God heals sovereign.

God said to me: “Be confident in me. I will break down the wall and heal your pain” Then I recieved his powerful presence. It was amazing! Tears of healing and restoration flows over my face. Since this experience I became more calm and relaxed. I am not chased anymore by restlessness. God is our father. We can just be his children and let him do.
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