I was a slave to cocaine and gambling. Because of that I lost everything: my family, flat, car etc... On top of my addiction, I accumulated debts of about 20.000 Euros that I have to pay back monthly. What would have happened if that person in the withdrawal clinic had not said that Jesus could set me free? Wherefore I went to a church for about a year where I came to know the Love of God.
What if the Pastor there wouldn't have told me about the Wiedenhof since I needed more of a long-term therapy as I slipped back many times during this year?
Since I took those steps into the therapy and went through that open door of the Wiedenhof, I've been set free of any addiction.
What if God would not have put it on the heart of a brother in that church to pay for the monthly rate of my debts during my time of therapy? Questions I cannot answer. But I am truly grateful for the people who were/are willing to be used by God! By grace He rescued me and my whole house. God gave me a new life and gave me back my family! God is Life.

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