Never again to school

Before I entered the Wiedenhof I was in 10th grade of highschool. Because of my addiction to cannabis and other controlled substances, my grades were really low; I attended class lectures on my own terms. My brain sometimes felt like a swiss cheese with many wholes in it, caused by the drugs. I couldn't remember things and was really confused. Some of the teachers and classmates made fun of me, I was rejected and mobbed. One week before I entered the Wiedenhof I stopped going to school and I was so happy to never have to go there anymore!

But God had different, much heigher and better thoughts. In March 2017, I came to the Wiedenhof. Here my mind became clear again. Besides many other things that God did in my heart, He restored my brain as well! The more I opened up myself to the Holy Spirit the more change came into my life. In the beginning I talked non-stop and loads of confusing stuff; if ever someone asked me to do something I forgot about it the next minute. But God does miracles! At the end of 2017, I was more and more thinking about finishing highschool. Although I was not really up to it, I communicated with the principal of one of the highschools here in Luedenscheid at the beginning of this year. After I applied and got interviewed, the principal advised me not to go for my plan based on his view of my previous grades. The only chance he gave me was a 3 week trial in a 9th grade class to see if I would be able to cope at all. This trial took place in April of this year. Although the first week was a real challenge for me, I experienced once more how gracious my Father in heaven Is. He really helped me in a way that I was able to get only good grades in all my exams. Before I only had, especially in math and physics, grades that were between the lowest and 2nd to the lowest. But today this is so amazing to me! I am astonished by the fact that I'm going to finish grade 9 this summer and come August, I will enter grade 10 having the opportunity to graduate next year around the same time.

My desire is to study languages after that; in the long run, I want to travel to different countries as My Heart is burning to share the love, hope and life I received from Jesus with other hopeless people.

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Jonathan, 18yrs. Old
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