We want his presence more than anything.
Yes, the teachings about Fatherhood, repentance, and the Holy Spirit are powerful. But if they just remain teachings and aren’t implemented in our lives, then what’s the point?
That’s where his presence comes in, he’s the one who leads us into these things, also during the last month at the school. He’s the one who helps us become more like him.

Whether if it was during the first-year meeting where students began to share honestly and repent of their sin, or during one of our Holy Spirit nights where each person met the Father personally, and individually.

His Fire is what we desire

One of our highlights so far was the online Saturday service some weeks ago, Walter Heidenreich preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then we prayed and then the online service came to an end.
Yet the presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible in the room, no staff member stood up and gave specific direction of what to do, we just waited to see what happened.

Each person in the room began speaking in tongues, first quietly, then the volume and fire increased. You could feel the hunger in the room, and the one who loves hunger filling us afresh with his Spirit. Speaking in tongues, developed in to singing in tongues which ushered in the prophetic. Some prayed, some had pictures, one had a message in tongues which another had an interpretation for, and some laughed.
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It’s not about the manifestation

Yet it’s not about the manifestation, or the act in itself. It’s what Jesus does in the heart of everyone in the process.
Here are a few testimonies of what some the students and staff in the room experienced.

‘I experienced how the Holy Spirit filled my body with his power. As I began to relax in him, I started to uncontrollably laugh in the Spirit. I asked the Holy Spirit what he was doing as it’s of course nice to experience deep joy, but I wanted to know the purpose of this joy. He told me that he filled me with his glory for the nations. I also experienced his deep love for me.’ – Melody

‘While praying in tongues, the verse from Zechariah 4:6 kept coming to my mind: "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’
Says the Lord of hosts.’ I realised how much not only I personally need the Holy Spirit, but also us in Germany, and the nations. Immediately I realised that it is pride that holds us back from Him. Have mercy on us Holy Spirit, we need you!’- Franzi

‘When the service was over I thought ‘‘this can‘t be the end’’ and I was so hungry for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We all started praying in tongues for a very long time. I was really expectant and He started revealing to me His great longing to rest on me and find a landing place just like an aeroplane arrives on a landing strip. This is just what Walter had spoken about; that He is looking for people who are desperate for Him, no matter what it looks like. I grasped a little bit of His huge desire to release the Kingdom through me. It brought me closer again to the Holy Spirit as a person. It just made me cry most of the prayer time and touched me deeply.’– Sabrina

We choose to stay in this flow of his Spirit, we want to give him space not only in each meeting but in our daily lives.

As he leads us into a greater depth we say yes. How else can we change the world but first by being transformed by his presence and filled with his power?!

Do you want to change the world?

Are you also hungry to reach the world through your relationship with Jesus? Then you can join us for our ‘Revival Week’ with Wes Hall with the topic ‘changing the world through your relationship with Jesus.’ Wes will be with us in person, however all the teachings will be streamed online via YouTube. Register on our webpage to access this full teaching package taking place 19th-28th March!

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