Once again we were able to hear and experience during the last weeks that God's working and sovereign move are not limited to any particular framework. He is a God who sees us and loves to reveal Himself to us in everyday life!

Two great project weeks of renovation work are behind us. Besides all the practical work we had a lot of fun and good fellowship. Every day we started together with worship, prayer, or sharing hearts.


One morning, different students shared what they experienced with the Holy Spirit during this time:

The key for the heart

"Since I arrived at the Revival school, I found it very difficult to open up to others. While all the other students were sharing about their personal experiences with God or what was moving them inwardly, I felt blocked. This made me feel on the sidelines even though I knew that God had called me to this place.
During a lunch break, I marched in frustration into the woods and poured out my heart to God in tears, asking Him why it was so hard for me to open up. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that mistrust had taken up space in me and reminded me of a person by whom I had felt greatly hurt. God encouraged me to forgive and let go of this person. I extended forgiveness to this person in prayer and felt God meet me deeply with His love.
Then, on the next occasion, I shared in the group what God had done to my heart! Everyone rejoiced with me and even applauded! I am so grateful to God for not leaving us as we are!" (Jaz)


Practical Helper

"One morning I was looking for a special tool that I had seen somewhere in the house a few days before. I had no idea where the tool might be now, and I didn't want to search the whole house. Immediately the thought popped into my head to ask the Holy Spirit for the location. Inwardly, I saw the place - our men’s changing room. I immediately went there and the tool was actually there! I was amazed and thrilled at the Holy Spirit's guidance. The Holy Spirit then told me that He knows everything, and He loves to help me when I ask Him." -Benno


The Cross moment

"During a Zoom meeting, we had a worship time as a whole FCJG community. As we sang the song "Thank You for the Cross" I was suddenly moved deep inside. I had to kneel down and began to cry because the Holy Spirit revealed to me in a completely new way what Jesus did for me on the cross. His love for me is so great and he is truly my best friend. This fills me with deep gratitude." - Rahel

Are you hungry for more of God?

If these testimonies make you curious to know God more, and you wonder how to enter into your God-given calling, then be encouraged to become part of the Revival School and sign up for the year-long school or summer trimester on our website! (Starting May 17, 2021) Click here for more info!


Besides living in community, powerful teachings and times together before God, you can join us on a multi-week outreach within Europe or Asia during this time!
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