We experience time again and time again that the Holy Spirit is GOD in action. He is talking to us, he moves in our hearts. Sometimes he challenges us to do unusual things, and often he leads us to pray for people.

We want to share with you some experiences from our students from the Revival school:

‘Together with some other students we headed out to a lake to go swimming. While there, I was on my way to the toilet when I saw two women talking. On my  way back from the toilet, I realised that one woman was very sad. I felt that I should ask her what had happened? Her response was that she hates her life. After a short moment of silence I heard myself tell her that God loves her dearly. Surprisingly, they both agreed. It was like a door which just opened before my eyes. I was able to share more about Jesus, and I spoke words of hope into their lives. At the end I even had the privilege to pray for them, including one of their son’s. These two women were touched and encouraged, and so was I! This moment was not planned, it just happened. It was a small impulse from the Holy Spirit. In all my imperfection and weakness, God used me to share his love, joy and hope with these two women. - Monja 


‘I was walking from house to house,with  many gospel tracks in my hands to distribute and post through letterboxes. Suddenly I heard a voice in my head saying, ``Do you know how much I love these people behind these doors?” Through the Holy Spirit I started to feel God’s love for all these people. I got reminded of my personal encounter moments with God's precious love. Touched and filled with a lot of joy, I continued to distribute the flyers but this time praying for all these people. Yes, the Father in heaven is waiting with wide open arms for every single one of us. He dearly loves us.’ - Damaris 


Another student shared what he experienced in the worship service:

‘While we were worshipping, the Holy Spirit showed me a woman. He told me that I should go to buy the book “Holy Spirit my best friend” at our shop, to bless her with. I didn’t have money with me, so I had to go down to my bedroom to get my wallet. 10 minutes later, I was able to buy the book but I could no longer see the woman I wanted to give it to. At first I wanted to ask through the microphone where she is but then I got encouraged to search for her through praying. After a short prayer time I found her. I went to her and blessed her with the book. I’m looking forward to the things God wants to do for her. I’m sure, this is just the beginning. - Rüdiger 


We want to encourage you to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Why? It won’t just bring colour into your life. It won’t just bring light into your situation. It won’t just make you feel alive. It will also have a big impact on your surroundings and on those around you! 

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