I was at the School of the Holy Spirit for 1,5 years now and it's been the best time of my life yet. God is amazing! I came there with a heart broken and injured that seeked for being accepted with people. When I allowed the Holy Spirit to get near to my heart, he began to clean it up. He healed my heart and showed me the Father as a Father who loves, who is good through and through. Before that, I was afraid of God because my image of God was totally distorted (God was more like a boss for me who demanded too much, was not interested in me and was not there/ not strong). However, everything is possible with God!


While I was at the Get Ready school, God radically changed my life.

I was insecure, had no self-esteem, was hopeless, powerless, religious and there were lies in my life but the Holy Spirit revealed truth, power, grace and Jesus as the highest God, and revealed to me how wonderfully he made me. He brought more and more freedom into my life :) And he also digged up my potential that was buried due to burnout. He showed me what he put into me and taught me to use all of it to God's honour and taught me to glorify Jesus without any fear of men. IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!

I love my God and that's something that I couldn't say before.

I got to know Him as:
- my loving, strong Dad who cares for me
- passionate bridegroom – who's love is stronger than of any man of dreams :)
- helper who will always be there for me and I don't have to do anything alone anymore – yeah!

 Madeleine 2

God is love! And because he loves you and me so much, he transforms our lives and enables us to preach his kingdom through his wonderful Holy Spirit! Go along with him and experience an adventure of love – you will not only jump over walls but you will get to know to his living love for you and the whole world!
This school is a school of God! God has chosen this place and the people and you will experience it... It was a gift for me and I'm absolutely grateful for it.
Big blessings, Madeleine (25 years old)
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