Hi, my name is Rico. I am 19 years old and I am currently attending the GET READY School in Lüdenscheid. When God called me to this school, I only had money to cover three months of school fees. But now, I am here for almost two years and I was always able to pay for the school fees. God has provided for me faithfully. I believe that God will give me everything I need to live in his purpose.

It was and it is my deep desire to experience my heavenly Father and to know Him the way He really is. At the moment, I experience Him more and more. I'm catching simple but very crucial realities about Him. For example, the fact that He will never accuse me of mistakes I do or did. I have realized that I have a father in heaven who is always with me, every single day.

As these simple truths sink into my heart more and more, my life gets completely changed forever!

I came to this school without any vision for my life and I'm going to leave here with a vision. Now I know what my heart is beating for! I want to see that especially young people experience God and know him how He really is. As they will recognize Him, nothing will ever stop them from telling the whole world about our wonderful Father.


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