For 390 days lying on the left and 40 days on the right – that was Ezekiel’s prophetic act. Jeremiah bought a linen belt ... and we have harvested an apple tree prophetically. We are convinced that in the year 2016 God is wanting to provide plenty of fruit in us but also in your life.

Are you as hungry as we are for a life in the power of the Holy Spirit and do you want to make a difference in this world? Are you longing for the supernatural to become the natural in your life? We have already tasted some of this dimension in the School of the Holy Spirit, however, we are truly hungry for much more. If you are longing for the same and also want to see the Holy Spirit move in power within and through you, then take the chance and watch this clip ... and the best would be: Come and get to know us personally!

Warm greetings from the School of the Holy Spirit!

Andi Schuster, Hanna Platzer and Arion Roffler
School leaders

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