Burning Hearts Experience – we have two strong weeks behind us. We are delighted with the national and international participants. With commitment and passion they gave themselves into the spiritual and practical preparation of Burning Hearts! They were part of the community and therefore also shared the everyday life at the Revival School with us. With heart and hand involved in everything. As undivided as their commitment was, they also experienced how God endowed them during this time:

“One big topic during the conference was the deliverance from the fear of men and I experienced that deliverance during the “Power Tent”-session with Ben Fitzgerald. At the same time I learned that this deliverance will continue after the conference and that you'll get rid of the fear of men step by step and day by day. During the next few days I could implement what I learned and tell friends and even strangers about Jesus.” (Jonathan Enns, 19 years)

“During Burning Hearts Experience God reminded me every day that I am his beloved daughter, that he is proud of me and that he has big plans for my life. That was very encouraging and deepened my relationship to my loving father and to Jesus even more!” (Michelle Goerke, 20 years)

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Thank you all so much! You were an awesome team!

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