Young people of YMCA meet us students of the FCJG-Revival School – what a potential for explosion!

Under the slogan: „Listening Prayer“ we all gathered for one afternoon in order to receive prophetic words from God.

Here are some statements from the young people:

„ For the first time I received a picture from God.“

„ I´ve never told that anyone! How do you know that?“

„ For the first time I had an impression for someone I don´t know and it hit the target!“

Wow! God is so good! He spoke to every single one individually!

In the beginning the YMCA-Group could receive words from God for their own lives through us students. We split up in small groups, so the atmosphere was really relaxed. Most of them experienced this for the first time in their lives and were deeply moved. And after a short time they received encouraging words, pictures and even songs from God themselves and could pass it on to the others. We were really excited to see how these young people joined so quickly and boldly took their first steps in the „Listening Prayer“.

„That was a really encouraging time!“ – In this point everyone agreed.

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