- 3…2…1… Fly!!


Our school is called to be a place where people encounter God, lay down their lives because of this encounter and go wherever he calls them. That’s why we love it to send people out to the ends of the earth – best events ever!
Right now it is almost time for our current “on the move” students to spread their wings and fly. Cause already tomorrow they will set out for the next leg of their journey – no matter if to Mongolia or Thailand, it will be beyond exciting!
Yesterday we shared a bit what we experienced throughout the first trimester in Germany and everyone summed it up at this point – God did way beyond what anyone would have expected. Once more he outdid everything else and guided every student very personally. No matter if miracles in finances were needed or inner revelations, restoration and reconciliation – these months have been marked with the move of God!

First hand experiences

One of our students said: “What I loved most about our meetings was that it was always deep, dealing with my heart and attitude, but it never stopped there. Cause Jesus, the reason why we are going, was always in front of me, lifting my eyes up to what matters!”
Someone else shared: “Throughout the past months God made it so clear to me that I am a part of something way bigger and I am excited to discover even more what the grand masterplan of God is and what it means to abide in Him while going. And of course to put everything into practice that we have heard and learned so far!”

And this is what it is all about: to see Him, love Him and pass this love on! Tis the time, tis the season, tis is how we send them out. With joy overflowing and the deep confidence that he is with them till the end of the ages.

Cause these three months have been only the beginning of an amazing year and most of all of a life lived in that matter of trust and walking on water. Now they have the privilege to go and to put into practice what they have learned. We are excited what is yet to come! You can be as well – stay tuned, greater things are yet to come!
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