This is what our „on the move“ students are currently experiencing in all different ways. Two are still in Thailand, sharing the good news in the streets of Pattaya and Bangkok. You can read more about them here.
The others are in Mongolia and they are experiencing the flow of God in different ways:


“The promise in Matthew 6:33 is solid truth I can stand up on “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 3 days before we flew into the nations for RSOTM I received my flight money. I flew to the first nation with practically no money, in faith that when I arrive I would receive money, I thought in the natural this is crazy but I knew God would provide. As I arrived I received my monthly sponsorship, money plus over €200 more euros in my bank account and the whole month God totally provided for everything I needed in miraculously ways. I saw his faithfulness again and again, trusting him that he will also provide for the rest of the year!” (Melody)

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What about my neighbour...

„The time here in Mongolia is special and completely different than I expected it to be. God is talking again and again about “loving your neighbour as yourself”. Actually I was convinced of being pretty good in that, not having too many problems to love others and thought of myself as a pretty patient person. But more and more I realize that there is a depth to this topic God wants to reveal to me, especially while being in a nation with language barriers and a place so different from “home”. The Holy Spirit showed different bible verses to me, i.e. 1. John 3:16: “By this we experienced love by Christ giving his life for us. Just as we have to lay down our life for our brothers and sisters.” This made me wonder: Where am I willing to lay down my life for my brothers and sisters? How can I make love visible in my daily life? How much do I really want to know the heart of the people around me and how much passion do I have for the one next to me? Jesus is love and he always encountered people in love. And this is what I want as well- to encounter people with real love and to be willing to walk the extra mile. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit used all the challenges I encountered here in Mongolia to reach me deeper what it really means to love.” (Janika)

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Everything is possible

“It is so great to see what God does in Mongolia. For example, one day we went out on the streets. Janika and me were praying and there were different other people who tried to speak to us but we didn't understand them. But we felt God’s Love so strongly for them. For one guy we had the impression that he is in pain. After we found someone who could translate, he confirmed that he had pain in his leg due to a surgery. We told him about Jesus and he said all his children and grandchildren already believe and some of them are pastors. We said that God brought us here because of him and this is the day of salvation. He was so touched that he gave his life to Jesus. Afterwards the pain was completely gone. During that time, three young people were listening and watching us and we talked to them about Jesus and Janika shared her testimony. Two of them gave their life to Jesus and the other one made a new decision for him. We also could speak prophetically into their life and they got touched by the Holy Spirit. It was so great to see how easy it is to flow with the Holy Spirit! “ (Beate)

These are only a few of the things God is doing – no matter if he is taking care of finances, our personal stuff or during evangelism, with Him it is just flowing!
This week the students will move on to their last trimester and final nation for this year. And we are very sure and expectant that God will continue to move and flow.
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