Through God the Creator we are able to create. We can be artistic, inspired by His art. 

It is His will that we worship Him. The Bible says that we ought to offer our bodies as a sacrifice that is holy and pleasing. 
That's the true act of worship. (Romans 12;1).

When I discovered painting as a form of worship, I got a much deeper view of God as the Maker of heaven and earth, and especially His creativity. What pleases me, is that my paintings speak for themselves. Many artists name their works or at least they have a topic, but my pictures don’t. 
This gives room for the Holy Spirit to reveal the vitality in the picture. Often God speaks to people when they look at my pictures and they have their own interpretation of it.


I would like to encourage you to have some paper and paint ready when you spend time with God. I believe that when you expect something, you also receive something. Then be brave and put it on paper. We are created to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do. (Eph.2;10). 



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