Crowning Jesus with the harvest!

Nothing pleases the heart of our King more than us bringing people into his kingdom. Jesus said: The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Matt 9:37). This painting, painted by Linde Hals, is inspiring her and those who see it in the prayer house for the nations to pray for workers who go into the harvest.

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This painting puts into scene a prophetic impression that God spoke at the Help Conference in Thailand. Many HELP missionaries were gathering in God´s presence to receive direction for the future of their mission stations. When Linde heard the report of the conference and how we worship Jesus in crowning him with the harvest, she got inspired to paint this impression.
The painting pictures the King on his throne looking at the harvest fields. His crown is made up of people from many tribes and nations. As part of his crown there is a Chinese child, a Jewish woman, and an Arab. On the harvest field different persons are painted: some stand with outstretched arms, worshiping the Lord of the harvest and are asking Him to send more workers. Others bring people to Jesus. They all wear a red armband, similar to their King on the throne, who is also the Saviour of this world.

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The statement of the picture is: Our heart is filled with an yearn to love Jesus back. We express this devotion in worship songs. We bend down and crown his head with beautiful words. We enthusiastically tell others how wonderful Jesus is. But how can we express our love in even more deeply? -When we reap His harvest! What pleases the heart of Jesus more than people who get saved and begin to worship His Heavenly Father? To catch up the harvest is a profound form of worship that will delight Jesus, glorify his Name, and crown his head

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