I Came To Stay!

Since the moment I heard this story, I can’t get it out of my mind: a dove – a real, cooing, living dove – is landing on the shoulder of a person and stays! It doesn’t leave for days, becomes a companion from morning to night, from night to morning, anywhere, anytime. This really happened and the person, hungry for the Holy Spirit, understands: it’s a visible sign of the real and precious presence of the Spirit of God in a person’s life!


While visualizing and drawing this picture, it becomes even more true-to me-what it really means to live in relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Like a dove sitting on your shoulder and everything you do or decide not to do, every movement, the way you approach others and how you talk to them – everything is focused on and impacted by the fact of Him being present like a dove sitting on your shoulder. The Holy Spirit in you and upon you. Does the way I live make Him stay – or does it make Him lift off? Am I conscious of His presence every minute just like I’m hearing the soft cooing near my ear? Do I live in a close and intimate relationship to Him? Do I submit to all his ways? Do I partner with Him and do I allow him to direct my life?

He came to live with me. He comes and desires to stay. Welcome, precious Spirit of God.

„Take not your Holy Spirit from me!“, David prayed. The man, who witnessed the Spirit of God leaving an anointed and chosen man who wouldn’t value the presence of the Spirit of God.

You came. To stay. Stay!

Anita Reiff
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