Creativity - Creating with God

We experience on a regular basis God’s power in arts.
For instance somebody sees a picture before their inner eye during worship and later on paints it on a canvas. Someone else has a revelation about God as they look at the finished painting.
Other times somebody receives a prophetic inspiration while they are dancing in preparation for the service and starts expressing it through movements.. to then find that what they were ‘praying for’ with their dance is actually happening during the service.
We have also experienced people being touched with the love of God as we do a drama on the streets causing them to stop and listen to us while we preach the good news that Jesus has prepared a life of peace, healing and fullness for them.
We are creative with God and He starts to move in the place we are.

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But many times we are creative with God and it affects us personally.

Melody, a current student on the REVIVAL SCHOOL from England, would like to share her experience with you:
"God set me free to dance - this is something I wouldn’t do before in worship because of shame, I could jump but not dance. A few months ago we planned to do an outreach in the city and a small Jesus march, beforehand we were praying together and I prayed out loud ‘God this is your outreach have your way’. Then I really sensed from the Holy Spirit to dance on the streets of our city I just knew I had to - It was so fun and liberating to worship Him in this way! The Holy Spirit always wants to bring us into full freedom!"

It may affect us or our environment ; arts hold a creative power to bring forth something that was not before.

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God only spoke a word and the world came into existence, little by little.
Jesus only touched a person and healing started to flow into them.
As children of God - appointed to co-govern this world as kings & priests - we also have the privilege to get things moving and create something new.
How can w e release the power of God? words, a movement, a paint brush.. !?
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