The prophetic artists and dancers are sensitive to the unseen and to the Holy Spirit.
Their paintings are visible proclamations of the truth of the Bible.
Their dances release and bring heavenly joy. The poems are revealing God's secrets, and the photos convey His perspective.

Nevertheless, these are just by-products!
So what is really the main calling of every artist?
J.S. Bach put it very exactly, as he wrote under each of his works:
"Soli Deo gloria!" .
"The Glory be to GOD alone!".

Prophetic art is not primarily about doing something good for one's fellow man.
Neither is it about living out our artistic talents.
God has gifted us to honour Him for His own sake.
If this is the main intention of the artists, their art will automatically also serve the people.

That's what it means when Jesus says,
"But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. " Matthew 6:33

Recently musicians and painters gathered in the Prayer House of the Nations in Luedenscheid.
It was on our heart to create art for the glory of God.
The instrumental music expressed peace, and painters expressed revelations in their pictures.
That morning an artist from the JMG in Bielefeld gave us some valuable impulses:

Worship Art in the House of Prayer for the Nations:


Also the preparation-time before the service gives us easier access to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
We gather to pray, dance, paint and work on photos. We share our insights and learn together.

To put God's kingdom and righteousness first is the foundation artists need.
This attitude will link artist together with the body of Christ and empower prophetic art.
Then everything will be possible!

Photo: Painting during the service
WorshipArt Blogg einzel 11.2018 1.2

WorshipArt Blogg einzel 11.2018 1.3
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