„What is the outcome of „prophetic painting“?”

It’s a question that lead me to new understanding:
Painting releases profound insights just like dancing unleashes freedom.

When we dance during corporate worship the arising boldness is obvious, whereas the effects of “prophetic painting” are rather subtle.
God used a day of silence to make the connection clearer to me.
On Good Friday, we gathered in the House of Prayer for the Nations for silence and painting before God.
“Listening to God in quietness” is something we as a community want to grow in this year. This Day of Silence was one more step on our journey of approaching God in this sense.
On that day, painting underlined the silence and powerful pictures were created.

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(Pictures from Good Friday)

God also spoke to me about “prophetic painting” and showed me:
When the creative Spirit of God inspires us in painting pictures, we are lead into a form of worship where the depths of God are being revealed.
God is eternal and He is mighty, His love cannot be fully fathomed and His thoughts are higher than ours.
Where words are not enough, colors and figures can be a way of expressing our most intimate perceptions.
This profound knowledge of God does not only saturate the person painting, but also spreads throughout the congregation.
In this fast-moving world, there is a great longing for an encounter with God that would last for eternity!
Superficial answers will not satisfy the hunger of God’s people.
So how great is the impact of painting!
And how urgent is the call that goes out to all artists to move into position in worship so the depths of God would be revealed.
After I understood this, I felt very encouraged to make more of this gift myself.

Do you desire to give way to your personal creative expression as you worship Jesus and to develop it alongside other artists?
If so, we warmly invite you to “Prophetic Art&Dance”. For more information on this training seminar, please click HERE.

Linde Hals

Blood & Fire.

The blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit - that is what Europe needs.
Artist: Anita Reiff ( Instagram @anitareiff )
Painted on Good Friday in the House of Prayer for the Nations

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