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Welcome to our community for a while! Come and live with us for one week or even longer. You will live in one of our community houses, get to know our lifestyle and ministries, and together with us you will share God‘s love with people in our city. You will experience that God has destined you to be a blessing!

Have a look at what Mila & Lea experienced when they stayed with us:

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Our 2021 outreaches

April 16-24
August 09-14

You are warmly welcomed to join us for one week in:

  • going into our city and share Jesus with people
  • heal the sick
  • minister to people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • conquering our city in prayer and worship

For that we will have teachings in the mornings about evangelism, prayer and worship.

You will dive into the "Father´s House"- our drug rehabilitation center House Wiedenhof and experience the love of the Father yourself

  • experience mercy ministry while living it with us , worship together, working together, and having fun times 
  • basically, living together in community
  • Practically you will dive into our Missions House - the Citymission branch of our community - and the Wiedenhof. Through a base tour you will come to know our whole community FCJG. On Saturday you will join for a day of prayer (only valid for the outreach from April 16-24) and our service in the evening. 
  • Essentially you will come to know us and our community life.
When you got curious while reading this, and you feel the Holy Spirit moving you, then sign up quickly! 
We are looking forward to have you with us! 

Due to the current situation (corona) we cannot guarantee accommodations in our community houses. Yet there are reasonable lodging alternatives here in Lüdenscheid. Please do in inquire about this in our offices. 

Haus Wiedenhof: 02351/6727560
Missionshaus: 02351/661433

Here' an address of one place we could already recommend:

Ferienwohnung Weber
Im Wiesental 15
58513 Lüdenscheid 
phone number : 02351/5380

Your Citymission / House Wiedenhof Team


If you are interested in one of the assignments in 2021, you can contact us using the following form. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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