"We should die relying on grace alone", Martin Luther once called out. On this Good Friday, an equal call went out through the streets of Germany: "Because HE died for us on the cross. Because of this very act of grace, there is future and hope for Germany."

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In 50 cities across Germany, Christians gathered under the cross on Good Friday. Some emphasized the prayers more and some evangelism, but everywhere the cross was the center of the action.  In Luedenscheid, the message of the cross was made audible and visible to everyone while we preached, painted, and sang it out.


We are grateful to the TOS ministry in Tübingen and Jobst Bittner for calling for this initiative. The event "Germany gathered under the Cross“ could be a spiritual key for our time. We encourage you to participate in this action also in your city next year, on Good Friday 2023.

Click here to register: https://deutschland-unter-dem-kreuz.de/

See also Walter Heidenreich's statement on "Germany under the Cross":

Closing prayer service:

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