We took "Worship Art" to the streets and experienced great things. God alone knows hearts to the core. The best way to tell people about Jesus is when we ask His Holy Spirit to guide us. The best way to reach a heart is always different - and always exciting! He uses natural gifts such as creativity as well as spiritual gifts, and always aims at the heart of the people!

Creativity is a key to the hearts of people!

A prophetic image that Ilona painted in advance fitted right into the situation of a man with whom she had a conversation during the evangelization. She could give it to him, tell him about Jesus, and even pray for that man in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city! But the Holy Spirit generally enjoys every opportunity to touch people and introduce them to Jesus.

On the same day, a mother ran past us with her daughter. Beate asked the mother if she had pain inher back. She said that she was suffering from pain in the neck again and again. Beate immediately ordered the pain to disappear from the body. The mother in an instance felt a heat instead of pain. Amazed by the miracle, the mother and the daughter listened with interest as Beate spoke of Jesus; they gave their life on the spot, and also received the Holy Spirit.

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Little prayer - great effect!

Marion started talking to a young couple and told them how Jesus had freed her from years of drug addiction and had given her a whole new life. Before they said goodbye, Marion declared healing over the woman's bandaged wrist. At home, the young woman suddenly realized that she could move her hand easily and without pain, and that things were possible that she could not do before. She and her mother-in-law knew that this was God's answer to Marion's simple prayer. The young woman then went to the Other Service with her husband and in-laws; they wanted to know more about this Jesus. Touched by the love of God, the husband through the microphone told what he experienced on the streets. We realized that God was not finished with this family yet. So we stopped the service and spontaneously prayed for the four. The young man and his mother invited Jesus into their lives and the whole family tasted God's presence that evening!

Our God is "wonder-full" ... and he invents the most creative ways to reach the hearts of people!

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