“Jesus healed me from pain in my knee!” (Raquel 8 years)

“When I prayed for my mum, pain in her shoulder left!” (Aimee 6 years)
“My son was delivered from asthma, when I spoke out healing in the name of Jesus over him every evening.” (Diane, mother of 4 sons)

Two girls and a mother share, how they experienced healing through Jesus. This awakens expectation. Where? In the middle of the city centre of Lüdenscheid at the last Christian kids party.
Many children and parents came despite the changeable weather. God’s love and presence were so strong in the place, that a mother in conversation directly showed tears of emotion. She, her son and two other people invited Jesus as a friend into their lives, even before the sermon and puppet show. Some children asked deep questions about God. What a privilege, when children find Jesus!

And so many children wanted to become friends with Jesus after the puppet show. Two girls were healed from pain in their stomach and throat after  the theatre of the blind Bartimaeus, whom Jesus healed in the Bible. The place was filled with joy and jubilation. God is good! An unforgettable afternoon! Thank you, Jesus!

If you would like your children to experience more of Jesus and his love and power, than we invite you warmly to the seminary called “Tengerin Doo Kids” (children experience the Holy Spirit) in the Prayer House of Lüdenscheid, on Saturday September 28 from 10am-4pm, for children, who are 6-12 years old. More information and registration (in German only) here.

christliche kinderfeier fcjg luedenscheid

stadtmission missionshaus renovation

On this picture, you can see the backside of the mission house. In this house, we plan and move everything that we believe we should do for evangelistic outreaches in the city. Indeed, quite a number of people have also found Jesus in this place.
This September our goal is to have all the walls painted. Since that means bigger expenses up ahead, we would appreciate any amount to support us in this project.
Every seed is a seed into the lives of people who, through our ministry as Citymission, are breaking through from eternal loss to everlasting life. Thank you so much!

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