Is there still anyone who knows where to turn, where to go? A question that is often often asked - especially in these days. Looking at it from the outside, things seem very chaotic still. Everybody is looking for a plan and guidance. Do you personally know where to turn, where to turn? Are you longing in a season with so much disorientation not to loose track and stay focussed? We know that Jesus is still sitting on the throne, that he still has the best plan - for you life, too!

We believe that it is vitally important - especially for us as young people - to gather and step into the gap for God's plans to break through for our generation and for your country. You are not called to be put captive with isolation and lack of perspective, but to live a life fillwed with the good thoughts of God and his fire! And that's what we want to focus on and make room for during »10 DAYS OF FIRE«.

Get ready for this

We are going to have powerful inputs. In cell groups we will discover and unveil God's plans for us by the power of his Holy Spirit. Your voice matters - also in times of worship and prayer. A vitally important part of this camp will be times in the presence of God - where everything circles around him and by which things are starting to unfold and get moving in us. Together we will go to the streets and pass on God's love and to pass on hope and life in these present days. Of course, our days will also be filled with lots of fun, action and great times of fellowship. It's time to get together again!

Are you ready to get ignited again and to step out of status quo? Well, then join us! We are looking forward to having you with us and we believe that God has prepared something for all of us. For such a time as this.

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Walter WebWALTER HEIDENREICH is an international evangelist and speaker. He had one epic encounter with God. In the darkest hour of his life, God's love simply lavished on him ... and this changed everything in the twinckle of an eye. Since Walter had done one thing: Travelling the world and passionately preaching the gospel wherever he goes - to thousands in crusades, in small churches, on the strreets and in huge stadiums and event halls. Thus, hundreds of thousands have heard the Good News of the cross and have given their lives to Jesus. Walter's mark in ministry is this: the tangible and experiencable pesence of the Holy Spirit and the work of God's power. He is a spiritual father to many - foremost to young people. Walter is an example in faith and in the ways he is living his life in and by the power of the Holy Spirit. »It is possible to constantly live by God's love, be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit and to do the works that Jesus has done!«
Walter is married with Irene and is travelling internationally under his ministry FCJG Horizon.


August 1 - 11, 2021

16- to 24-year olds

FCJG REVIVAL SCHOOL and Prayer House for the Nations, Wislader Weg, 58513 Lüdenscheid, Germany

280 EUR (incl. board and lodging)
220 EUR reduced fee (for pupils and students)
Es gibt auch extra Ermäßigungen für Geschwister - bitte meldet euch bei uns.

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