Howdy! Our three-week Texas Revival Tour 2016 is over. Walter Heidenreich and Merisha Janke travelled Texas, visited old friends and made a number new, the spoke in services and meetings and one thing was unique: God powerfully moved in all these meetings. Revival in Texas and Germany was constantly on the agenda.

Three weeks Texas

Looking back on the three weeks of Walter's and my revival tour in Texas fill me with gratefulness and joy. Everywhere we went, we encountered hearts that were ready, open doors and primed paths. It was so awesome to find out how deep the revival roots in Texas have grown and to acknowledge that God is igniting a new revival fire. On this tour, we saw a new spiritual hunger arise in so many, some received the Holy Spirit for the very first time, got baptized and said YES to Jesus Great Commandment. As you will read further down in Walter's report, there were approx. 100 people at our Night of Vision on the HELP for all Nations property. We spent a time to behold in the presence of God. When we shared why we have come to Austin as missionaries and what our hearts are burning for, some were choked up.

Walter Merisha indoor

The simple Gospel

We want to reach Austin with the simple Gospel – the love and power of God. We want to see a young generation laying down their lives for Jesus alone. It would be so awesome if you came on board of our team! We want to invite you to take that what God is doing here on your heart and to live for a while with us, to pray for us, to donate towards our ministries. Only if we stand together, God's vision for Austin will come alive!
Merisha Janke

Taking first steps in Austin

When in 1996 I set foot for the first time on the grounds of the University of Texas to speak to a bunch of students, I didn't dare to dream that we might ever send missionaries to the USA. However, the Holy Spirit fell in power on those students. Walking the campus after his powerful experience, I suddenly got confronted with a disturbing reality on the street outside the campus: There were hundreds of young people living in the streets bearing life without any hope or perspective. Within minutes, I had two very contradictive scenes in front of me – both in the same town at the same time. Through this and further encounters God commissioned us to send missionaries to Austin, TX.

William Chan

The first team consisted of two Swiss married couples and one German. They went to Austin to serve the many broken, young people on the Drag (a street in Austin close to the University) and at the Rainbow Festivals. However, a couple of years later, a friend provided us with a wonderful property which already had a few houses. He got in touch with our team during the relief works on the occasion of hurricane Kathrina. The love and dedication he saw in those three couples made that much an impact on him that he wanted to support the ministries of HELP for all Nations. The team moved to the property, continued to do outreaches and opened their doors wide to anybody who wanted to come. At the same time, however, the ministry developed that much that it became time for expansion and a generational handover.

NOV Merisha

Night of Vision

For six months, Merisha Janke and team have been continuing the ministry of HELP for all Nations. Within now time relationships to churches, leaders and pastors in Texas developed. It is a joy to see the body of Christ getting closer together – more than ever before. I spent three weeks with our present team in Austin and can testify one thing for sure, that there is a new time for Texas and the ministries of HELP for all Nations. Merisha and I literally went on a revival tour and ministered to many churches and groups: in the San Antonio area, Houston, San Marcos. Lindale and Austin, of course. No matter where we went, everywhere the Holy Spirit moved in power. One highlight was die Night of Vision on the HELP for all Nations property to which some 100 leaders, pastors and staff of churches from the Austin area gathered. We spent hours sharing how God called us to Austin and the vision we have. This Night of Vision was impacted by powerful unity in the Spirit and the wonderful presence of God.


Another highlight was the live interview at The Bridge – a local Christian radio station in Austin. A fantastic programme, great questions, an excellent team and a mutual vision: Revival! Everywhere we went revival was always on the agenda – revival in Texas and in Germany. Revival is our heartbeat, we are praying for it, we are worshiping Jesus over it and we want to unconditionally and without compromise be available to the Holy Spirit for what he wants to do in Texas.

The Bridge Studio

If you want to help us to establish this revival base, you are most welcome to help us in Austin. I would like to thank all the churches, pastors, ministries and people who welcomed us on our revival tour. Thank you, Merisha, for doing such a good job in preparing this tour and the great time with you. The Holy Spirit is making new revival history in Texas.
Walter Heidenreich


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