»Preach the word; be ready when the time is right and even when it is not.« (2 Tim. 4:2)

All of us certainly hope that our lives go back to normal which includes enjoying freedom and the borders to the nations to open again. Walter got a foretaste of that recently. Together with Werner Iding and Jonathan Pieren, both have been long-term staff of FCJG and HELP International, he travelled to Uganda, preaching the gospel in the soccer stadium of Jinja, encouraging pastors and having the opportunity to preach the gospel to the whole the nation via radio.

Predige das Wort 03


In Kampala and Entebbe he visited with dear friends. Both Regine Schweizer and Maria Prean have advanced for decades with love and decication the kingdom of God among the precious people of Uganda. There is so much possible in this beautiful country. The needs are enormeous, however, God's love and hope are so much greater. We are increasingly praying about options for us in this nation. Please pray with us.

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Poland & Vienna

His next trip took Walter to Poland. In the course of a three-day open air event in Legnica, he was all into what he loves to do the most. Walter so enjoys to be able again to speak to people face-to-face and to pray for them. A couple of days after that, we went together to Vienna where we witnessed a unique outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Thus God is giving us one gift after the other, showing us: God reigns! He opens and closes doors before us!

Predige das Wort 12

Open Doors

We are also very grateful for open doors in our home country Germany. In the past weeks, Walter has travelled several cities and places, preaching the gospel in churches and at events.

Unfortunately, we don't know for how long the doors remain open, which means we are making most of our time to take one by one. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the love of God and help as many as there are to start a new life with Jesus. May it be the right time or not which is all the time. The gospel is unstoppable. The kingdom of God sovreignly happens and it is a privilege to follow the Holy Spirit step by step. He is working relentlessly salvation, healing and deliverance through women and men who are surrendered to him with all their hearts. Neither a pandemic, nor any calamity are obstacles for him to reveal his love.

Predige das Wort 06

Thank you very much for faithfully praying for us, for your friendship as well as all support. Without you we would not be able to continue to minister and be a blessing to the nations.

We are blessing you with God's wonderful blessing, with health and his favour. We will keep you updated.

He is always for you!
Walter & Irene Heidenreich
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