We hope that you are all well and that you are full of courage and hope in these turbulent and challenging days.

On the road again

Over the past weeks and months we were finally able to travel again and have witnessed the powerful move of God in different places of Europe as well as in Uganda. It is so amazing how God opens doors and paves a way to reach people with his love in the midst of this pandemic. Twice, Walter was invited to minister in Poland. Each time the Holy Spirit came with his supernatural works of power and making the love of God visible and tangible. On one occasion, leaders from different nations and even continents gathered to spend time in God's presence, and it was there, that God had a surprise for Walter: He could minister to these leaders together with Mel Tari who was there in person, too. What a joy and what a blessing. The group was so hungry, so humble ... no wonder the Holy Spirit was able to move quick and in power.

mit Mel Tari

We saw similar responses to the Holy Spirit's move in Austria and also in Switzerland. Again, the people were so hungry - hungry to receive more of God.

God's ways

It is so encouraging to see how much is possible even though many say that so much is impossible. God is always making a way! He opens doors or closes them. Over the past months, so many people got saved, healed and delivered, and you are shareholders in this, for your prayers and friendship make these things possible. Thank you very, very much!

Walter Wien

However, this year is not over yet, and in the coming weeks we are busy travelling and ministering in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are in a season in which Europe is yearning for the gospel - the Good News ... preached and demonstrated in power. Inside and outside of the church. The Good News is more up to date than any TV news, for it is dealing with our future. The bible has always been a future book, and its prophecies have come to pass ... for God is a God who never lies:

»… based on the hope and divine guarantee of eternal life, the life which God, who is ever truthful and without deceit, promised before the ages of time and began, and at the appointed time has made known His word and revealed it as His message, through preaching …« (Titus 1:2+3)


Some bible prophecies are still pending. However, all of them will come to pass, and Jesus will come back! Therefore, take courage, be persistent, enduring and let's continue to live out our calling in God's divine power and move alongside the Holy Spirit.

Heidenreichs London

Thank you ...

... for standing with us. Please pray for open doors to Asia. So many are waiting for us to enter and minister on this continent and its people.

We are also praying for your faith to continue to grow and for you to be encouraged by the presence and help of the Holy Spirit.

God is for you!

Walter & Irene Heidenreich

A special request!

Our ministry car is exceedingly causing trouble. Over the past weeks we had to have it repaired on several occasions. Please pray with us for a new and reliable car in the coming months ... and if you want to support us, you are most welcome to do so. Thank you very much!


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