»Bless the Lord and do not forget any of his benefits.« (Psalm 103:2)

We want to send our love to you by means of this wonderful word of God. A very busy and exciting year is coming to a close, and we have so much reason to be thankful and to praise God. Throughout 2022 so many doors have swung open for us to make the good gospel of God's kingdom known ... and sometimes we are overwhelmed by the speed God uses us to spread his kingdom.


Going everywhere

We have been jetting through Europe, Asia, Africa and America and alongside experienced weird weather conditions, foreign cultures, unkonwn food and sometimes very strange customs. In addition, we had to overcome tiring jetlags and constantly update ourselves on changes while travelling ... due to COVID restrictions. Flights were cancelled or departures pushed to other times, and whenever we arrived somewhere in the nations we were glad to find our suitcases on the belts in the airports.


A great hunger

However, there was one thing which was common everywhere we went - a great hunger for the gospel, to get to know the God of the bible. People gave their lives to Jesus, got healed, delivered and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. That's the reason we are travelling wherever God leads us. It's worth it all and we are beyond thankful to God and to you, for we feel being cared for and carried. Despite the global challenges we are facing, preaching and proclaiming the gospel is prominent, for it's about live, now and here and then forever. People who do not know the God of the bible are often times suffering loneliness as they have never encountered their Creator. They don't have a personal relationship to him, lack hope and confidence which only come from our Father in heaven.

Jerome Video

Therefore, let's get together and continue to focus on the most important: to joyfully and continuously take the Good News to the people. Huldah Buntain, a wonderful friend and a powerful India missionary, once said to us, »It takes three dedicated Christians to preach the gospel. One prays, another prays and gives finances and the third goes and prays.« A triple shearing of God's love that cannot be torn and at the same motivates and encourages us to preach the gospel everyhwhere.



In March, Walter and a team will go to Pakistan. Besides ministering to churches, they will also minister to the brickpeople. Adults as well as children work in the brick mines producing bricks for building. They are very poor and we want to bring the gospel to them as well as bless them in a very practical way. A young Pakistani lady, whom we have known for quite a while, is ministering to this people groupl regularly. We are very much looking forward to this outreach and would be grateful for your prayers and - if possible - for your support with finances. Thank you very much in advance!

Heidenreichs rund WienWell then …

Have a wonderful Christmas season. We love and appreciate you and our prayers are with you.

We'll come back to you next year ...

Walter & Irene
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