Hebrews 11:6 says, »Without faith it is impossible to please God.« Biblical faith does not mean theory, theology or views on faith. We mustn’t mix faith with perpetuity or the general confession of faith. Biblical faith bears deeds – if not, faith in itself is dead. (Jam. 2:14)

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On numerous occasions, Jesus spoke about faith. »Whoever believes as the Scripture says …« (John 7:37) … and that’s where most Christians do not go beyond. They somehow believe in God or as their denomination dictates, some just have a gut feeling. However, the verse goes on, »… from his belly streams of living water will flow.« Genuine faith makes an impact – streams of living waters are being released. No man is able to survive without water – he is panting after it. In the same way, all people – no matter their culture, religion or complexion – are panting for the water of life. Jesus was always impressed by people of faith, i.e. the Roman centurion. He wanted to accompany the centurion to his home and minister to his sick servant, but what did the centurion say? »It is not necessary for you to make any effort. Just speak one word, Jesus, and my servant will be healed.« And so it happened! Upon this, Jesus turned to the religious people, »Wow! Such faith I haven’t seen in all of Israel.« He honored this faith publicly.

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It's simple

Biblical faith is not complicated or exhausting. »Come unto me all of you who are worried and heavy laden. I want to refresh you.« (accord. to Matth. 11:29-30) It’s Jesus alone who wants and can deliver you from false beliefs and any pressure. He wants to refresh you, and you may learn from him for he is the good shepherd. You may discover how humble and gentle HE is. You may come to rest for any dead works of blinded activism. And you may discover how easy it is to believe in him as the Scripture says. Jesus loved to take children as examples, »If you do not embrace the kingdom of God like little children …« (Luke 18:17)

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Believing like Children

Children’s faith is uncorrupted and unfiltered. Children believe in love and they are desperate for love. If this need for love, safety and comfort, acceptance and protection gets destroyed, it causes enormous damage in a person’s life. Faith in Jesus as the Scripture says is healthy and bears health, freedom and security.

When I was pondering on this AFRICA Edition of Unser Weg, I was reminded of this kind of faith together with a story of a missionary family. I don’t know if it actually happened like this, however, it makes a point:
This missionary family lived in Africa and had a little daughter. She told her father that she was praying for a little kitten. The father thought how sweet that was, however, he wanted to spare his daughter from disappointment and cautiously explained that maybe God doesn’t answer such prayers. Without hesitation the girl continued to pray.

The neighbors had a little kitten. One day, it climbed a tree and was scared to jump. The meowing of the kitten was heartbreaking. The owner got a long rope and threw it around the branch on which the kitten was sitting. He pulled the rope with the branch toward him and could almost grasp the kitten, when suddenly the rope broke. The kitten flew through the air and landed right in front of the praying girl. The father was beyond surprised when his daughter said, »God threw it from heaven right in front of me.«

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What God is really like

Everyone who hears this story starts to smile. However, it also reveals a deep spiritual truth: The Holy Spirit is so humorous and he unveils this most simple way of faith in Jesus as the Scripture says. Our lives are full of challenges and often these require steps of faith. Take a step of faith - take leaps of faith! You cannot fall any deeper than into the loving arms of God.

I bless you with joyful and exhilarating faith that moves mountains.

Walter Heidenreich
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