I have loved you just as the Father has loved Me; abide in My love. Abide in my love! Abide in Me! (John 15:9)
God's love has been abundantly poured out through the Holy Spirit. (Rom. 5:5)

More than anything we need the Holy Spirit in our lives. He wants to be your best friend. He alone gives revelation about God's holy word. He is a person, who loves and wants to be loved. Yes, he is also power, he blesses us with the supernatural gifts of the Spirit (s. 1 Cor. 12). He testifies to our spirit that we are born again. However, above all he is a sensitive, loving person, just like the Father and the Son, and at the same time he is the most neglected and rejected person of the holy trinity. We should be thoughtful of this and treat him with gentle care and in submission. Without him we couldn't imagine living our lives or do FCJG Horizon. Without him we CANNOT DO ANYTHING. It is so beautiful to see the Holy Spirit preparing the way before us and all we have to do is walk behind him.

Japan 07


In July, Walter went with a team to Japan. Hardly arrived in Tokyo, he spoke in three consecutive worship services at one church - two Japanese and one international worship service. So many responded to the altar calls, and the team from Vienna ministered to them so loving and powerfully.

Jesus Revolution

The next event took place in one of Tokyo's universities, where we showed the "Jesus Revolution" movie. Following the movie, Walter briefly preached the gosple and everyone prayed the sinner's prayer. Again the team was very busy with ministering to the people. So awesome! In a spontaneous worship service of a Japanese church, the Holy Spirit fell so powerfully on the congregation that everyone was left in awe - including us.

  Japan 06

God loves Japan!

One Saturday marked the highlight of this outreach. Three Christian movements hosted together a pastors and leaders convention in a theatre, to which people came from all corners of Japan.
Following this convention, they hosted an open revival event in another hall of the same building. The Holy Spirit fell and upon that we heard so many say, "We have never seen anything like that." Thank you, Vienna team (photo left) for standing with Walter and ministering through strong prophetic impulses. Thank you, Désirée and Eddi (photo right) for opening your hearts for Japan and unceasingly praying for its people. Japan is a mission field. Who knows what the future will bring in that nation!

Japan 09  Japan 14

Thank you

Thank you, Holy Spirit - you are always faithful!
And thank you to all prayer partners and friends! May God bless you with this passion to spending quality time in his presence. For that's where the fruit is borne that is being revealed and becomes visible through people who know and love God.

Walter Irene August Newsletter

Thank you for all financial support. We bless you with God's love, with the faithfulness of Jesus and with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Walter and Irene Heidenreich

Asia Conference 2024

ASIA Conference 2024

God is not yet done with Asia ... with Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. And when God isn't done, nor are we. We are so excited for the ASIA Conference, that HELP International is hosting in Pattaya (Thailand) from Feb. 29 to Marc. 3, 2024. Part of this wonderful conference will also be friends and companions with whom we have walked many kingdom miles: Jackie Pullinger-To (Hong Kong), Ps. Jerome Ocampo (Philippines), Steve Goode (Thailand), Mel Tari (Indonesia/USA) und Walter Heidenreich (Germany).

You are welcome to join - please find everything you need to know here!
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