God is faithful, and through Him you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (1. Cor. 1:9)

With these words, we are sending our love to you. It's our prayer and we hope that everything is well with you and that this newsletter finds you in good spirit.

Gott ist treu 13

Last week we have come back from a greatly blessed ministry trip to Thailand. The first two weeks of February, Walter went to minister in a number of places and cities towards the north of Thailand. He spoke in churches and ministries, and visited friends. Following these two weeks we spent three more weeks together in Pattaya. Again Walter was preaching in churches, and we took time with our HELP team that only moved there five months ago. They are busy with learning the language, setting up a new ministry and they helped with preparation of the HELP Staff Convention which takes place every other year.

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Our missionaries from many nations came, and we had a wonderful and abundantly blessed time of fellowship and ministry. The majority of our international HELP family were the Mongols, who came with 60+ people (four of them can be spotted on the left photo). All together we were a very colourful and happy bunch.

ASIA Conference

The highlight of our Pattaya time certainly was the ASIA Conference that followed the HELP Convention, to which people from over 15 nations gathered. It was the first conference of this kind that HELP International has ever hosted in Asia. Jackie Pullinger-To, a longtime friend from Hong Kong, Mel Tari from Indonesia/USA, Brother Yaqub from Pakistan, Steve Goode from Thailand, Jerome Ocampo from the Philippines, Sandy Anderson - an Indian missionary, and many more joined. They shared the word of God and from their nations. Guests and participants were in tears when they learnt about the conditions some of our brothers and sisters are living in. They suffer daily persecution and are desperate for our prayers and support.

Gott ist treu 18

In addition to ministering in above conference and convention, Walter had twice the opportunity to preach the gospel in the heart of Pattaya. He loves to preach open air to a mix of people who are sceptical about faith and often follow a rather "unholy" walk. These are the people whom God loves so much. We saw auite a number giving their lives to Jesus right there and then.

Thank you so much for your prayers and all support. In the years to come we are going to hear more wonderful testimonies from Thailand.

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2024 - a Year of Gratefulness and Jubilation

This year - if God wills and we live - is going to be a year of gratefulness and jubilation: Walter is celebrating his 75th and Irene her 70th birthday. Together we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of being born again by the Holy Spirit and with that 50 years in fulltime ministry. Right from the start we have been determined to follow and serve this wonderful God and started a revival in our home town. And as we were seriously seeking discipleship, we also got married 50 years ago!

Gott ist treu 14

We are celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary! Those of you who know our autobiography Help - I Need Somebody know what we are talking about. It describes this tumultuous time back in the 70s. We are happy and grateful that Jesus has been by our side every step of our journey through life together, has given us direction and purpose and will continue to guide us safely. There is nothing better than encountering Jesus - he keeps leading us even when we are moving from planet earth to eternity.

We will gift ourselves with a long vacation on the occasion of our anniversaries!

Gott ist treu 16

And, of course, as usual we are travelling and preaching the Good News - in Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Mongolia and Germany.

Thank You

We are so grateful for your friendship over so many years. May you enjoy God's friendship and may his faithfulness guide and keep you. You are a mighty blessing to us and so many people.

Big hugs and be sure of our prayers,

Walter and Irene
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