For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. (1. Cor. 4:20)

What a powerful word to the church in Corinth. The Apostle Paul addressed the speechifiers and theorists who talked a lot without being able to demonstrate the power of God. However, that’s exactly what people are longing and looking for: they want to experience the power of a living God in their lives. A God who hears and answers prayer, who leads and surprises them with his love and power. Whenever the Holy Spirits finds an open space where he can move according to how the Father in Heaven desires it, there are signs and miracles as a result. Millions of people throughout this world are reaching out to faith in Jesus Christ that works today. The Holy Spirit is the only One who is truly able to heal and transform, and to set people on the right track to their destiny in order to use them effectively. Religious exercises, cults or any powerful organization are no help at all.

Acts 29 - and following

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We are seeing this materializing in so many ways, and sometimes it leaves a deep and unforgetable impression ... like in Mongolia:
When Walter called people to the altar to receive a new passion and love for Jesus and people, a man suddenly jumped off his seat who actually wasn’t able to walk, for he was on crutches. However, he came running to the front – without his crutches! From that day forth, we saw him daily in the conference, healed and walking around and looking so very, very happy.
This is the sequel of Acts today! That’s what we desire – not more, but not any less either.

A wonderful Investment

In the end of January 2017, we are going to speak in an evangelistic Youth Camp in a very poor area in the north of India. We are expecting approx. 1,000 youth to attend. The organizers believe for part of the expenses regarding accommodation, food, equipment, the venue, etc. – and FCJG Horizon will contribute the major part – approx. 20,000 EUR. A wonderful investment into the future of this country. Please pray for protection for the organizers. It’s quite dangerous for them to share their faith in this part of the world.

Help - I need somebody

After this year’s release of the new edition of Walter’s autobiography »Help – I need somebody«, finally the updated English edition has been released and is available. You can order both editions at our office. Furthermore, this book was translated into Myanmar’s national language and the first edition has just been released. We are now counting 12 international editions of this book.

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Thank you!

Thank you for all support through prayer and with finances, also with regards to our new ministry car. It takes us everywhere and guarantees that we are on time for all events, meetings and flights. It’s our prayer that God’s wonderful power may be demonstrated in your lives as well as through you, so that people around will be taken and overcome by God’s love.

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