... for you were slain, and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.« (Rev. 5:9)

This year we are spending the Christmas season in Asia – in Thailand and in the Philippines. We enjoy the time with our HELP teams and being able to minister in both nations ... the people – no matter their social backgrounds – are wide open for the Gospel message ...


For a couple of years, we have been witnessing in this nation – which is mainly Bhuddist – an increasing openness towards the Gospel message. In November, Walter spoke in a two-day-seminar at UCC Bangkok. The topic was »Tongues of Fire«, followed by another seminar at HELP Thailand called »A Spirit-driven Life«. People are so hungry for the love of God, and vast parts of the body of Christ are very sensitive towards the move and work of the Holy Spirit. This is a very special momentum, and we are grateful to God for a wide open heaven over this nation presently. We want to continue to invest into Thailand and make full use of the time frame for God’s grace over this land.


The Philippines

Right now, we are in the Philippines, which is the only Christian nation in all of Asia. We are spending time and Christmas with the HELP community in Manila – quite an experience. The Filipinos know how to celebrate; they love to laugh a lot and outdo one another with decorating their capital city. Of course, we are mainly serving our own community, but also drug addicts and street kids, and we are also serving some churches and communities that we are friends with. Doors are open and we love to serve and minister to the various parts of the body of Christ. The desire to see revival in this nation where religion is so big is our main force to go and do what Jesus has called us to do in the Philippines.


Next year we are celebrating HELP International’s 25th anniversary on the occasion of the RE-FORMATION FIRE conference in Lüdenscheid (information will be available soon in English under this link). Even before HELP in Germany was founded, the HELP branches in Bangkok and Manila were already existing.

Every Tongue, People and Nation

The Gospel message must be preached to »every tongue, people and nation« - says Revelations. Asia is desperate for Jesus, and no doubt, this is a special time of grace in this most populous continent on planet earth. Mid-January 2017, Walter is going to North India together with an international team. He is speaking in a youth conference sponsored by FCJG Horizon, followed by a visit to Bhutan. Please pray for us and continue to help us to minister to these mostly poor people. Thank you for all prayers, support and financial gifts.

Hearts on Fire (Gallery)

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