He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36)

It’s hard to imagine that we have actually only come back from our visit to Thailand and the Philippines. Besides following up on a number of speaking and ministry commitments, we spent the major part of our time with our friends at the HELP bases (at the rehab and the House of Friends in Bangkok, and the Father’s House and the Set Free Center in Manila). We gathered for prayer and worship times, and celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve together.


For the one

Just before Christmas, we went on outreach to Smokey Mountain in Tondo, a huge garbage dump right in Manila. Walter preached the Gospel on the site and about 25 people gave their lives to Jesus. There was one man in particular who drew Walter’s attention and for whom he had received a prophetic word from God, but unfortunately, he lost track of him. Back home, we spent a wonderful Christmas with our Father’s House kids. However, Walter couldn’t get this one man from the garbage dump out of his mind. Together with a small team, he took the effort of going back to the garbage dump in order to seek him. They found him among the many thousand who are working hard and trying to make a living. The man could hardly believe that Walter had come back only for him. With tears in his eyes, he gave his life to Jesus. Walter had a little Christmas present for him, but the greatest gift for this man was Walter’s visit which was only meant for him. Finally, he has come home to his heavenly Father.

Tondo Mann 02

Paid in Full

We have witnessed thousands of stories like these throughout the years and every year anew. People – no matter their nationality or culture – harbor a longing within their hearts, and they are hungry to encounter and get to know the genuine God who created and loves them. Human love cannot fill this void, it is never enough. However, we can find perfect love with God, the Father of light. Only he can and wants to fill this void with his peace, comfort and love by his Spirit. Those who get to know him will finally know who they are and make peace within themselves. Every human being knows deep within that there must be a Creator God. It takes very strong faith for a person to believe in “nothing”. Everybody believes in something. Even faith in “nothing” is faith. However, the seeing is reserved for eternity alone. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father, to salvation and to our inner healing. The death of Jesus at the cross and his resurrection from the dead is the price that God paid so that we may have life – not just in this world, but in all eternity.

500 Years of Reformation

This year is very special for Germany: We are celebrating the 500th anniversary the Reformation that Martin Luther initiated. Let’s make use of our time and pray for a spiritual awakening in Germany and Europe. If not now, when? You are all welcome to join us at RE-FORMATON FIRE with Dr. Michael L. Brown, Jerome Ocampo, Walter Heidenreich, Richard Aidoo and Rachel Wu.

Thank you very much for your support and all prayers. Your faithfulness and friendship mean a lot to us and encourage us to go after even greater things.
If you want to bless us: We do have a hole in our budget resulting from pay off the new ministry car. Thank you ever so much!
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