The love of God is our driving force - in Germany, Europe as well as on other continents, like Asia. No matter where you go, the love of God remains the same. You cannot stop it, you cannot change it ... it remains as it is. God wants all people throughout the earth to receive and experience it ...

»Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.« (Mark 16:20)


Walter was in Myanmar and Thailand. He experienced so many wonderful things: »The openness of the people towards the Holy Spirit and worship in the Spirit and in truth has deeply moved my heart. In Myanmar, mainly young people from all angles of that nation gathered for a four-week-training-camp. They experienced God’s love so deeply in their lives, and many gave their lives to Jesus, got healed and experienced deliverance from bondage and evil. All of them were keen to learn from the Holy Spirit.«

Myanmar 03

Walter spoke in a conference, a church and went to those he loves to go to the most: to the poor and the children who don’t have any home. Please pray with us for Myanmar. This nation has had a very difficult political era, and it’s just recently that they have started to open its borders – also to the Gospel. Let’s pray that the doors will remain open and that the Good News can be preached in freedom, so that the body of Christ will be strengthened, and pray for protection of the Christians.
Thank you to the FCJG REVIVAL SCHOOL from Lüdenscheid that went on an outreach to Myanmar for a couple of weeks and supported Walter’s ministry, and to one of FCJG’s worship bands – Petra Feddersen & Friends. Besides leading worship, they also trained the body of Christ in worship.

Myanmar 11


His two-week-Asia-journey took Walter finally to Bangkok where he spoke in a seminar hosted by HELP Thailand; he spoke on reformation of our lives. Furthermore, he ministered in a big church. And this is what he said, »From the day of his conversion to the day he died, the Apostle Paul made ongoing experiences with the Holy Spirit. His heart burnt for the churches to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, and that based on that the Christians would live together and celebrate services to honor God. I had the privilege to minister in a church like this. There is a great openness among the body of Christ in Thailand to experience God. The people (just like in Europe) are tired of merely trying to live up to dry religious standards. When the Holy Spirit moves, hearts open wide and faith becomes tangible and we make down-to-earth-experiences. This is God’s hour for Thailand and the whole of Asia.«

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Your friendship, prayers and gifts enable so many people – amongst them many poor and needy – to encounter the Father of lights and to experience a radical change in their lives by the love of God. May God bless you with his favor and love. Jesus is alive!

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Following please find some impressions from Myanmar and Thailand. There is so much to see and to discover in the nations, so that the limited space in our gallery is just not enough. However, if you like to see more and want to visually travel with us, please click to our Facebook site.
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