It was such a joy to go back to Mongolia - most of all for Irene who visited Mongolia last three years ago. Only a couple of hours after arriving in Ulaanbaatar, we took off for new adventures very early the next morning together with Tom and Heidi Wüthrich, our HELP leaders in Mongolia. Our destiny was the North East of this vast country. It was Bayan Ulgii where 25 years ago - in 1992 - we first crossed the Russian-Mongolian border and stepped on this exotic ground. This small and still very poor city was our first stop back then. It was there where we saw God doing mighty miracles, but also where we later suffered persecution.

2017 08 Abflug

Visiting the Kazakh people

The reason why HELP International Mongolia is still based in this city and even calls a small center its own, is due to a German couple that was dedicated to this place. They went as missionaries with HELP International to this remote area and didn't get tired of demonstrating the Gospel and its power despite all obstacles. Today there is a small HELP community of Christians in this place, and there are several churches in this Muslim-Kazakh region.

2017 08 Bayan Ulgii Team

We had a great time with our brothers and sisters, were able to encourage and pray for them as well as share the fresh word of God and experience the power of the Holy Spirit together. Please continue to pray for our friends - it's not easy for them to live as Christians in this region.

A book goes viral

After three days and several hours driving off road by Land Rover, we arrived in Hovt in order to meet with a Kazakh couple that translated our book »Help - I need somebody« into the local language - by the way, this is the 14th language that Walter's autobiography has been published in. They felt so very honoured that we took the effort of driving such a long way just to get to know and spend time with them. We are very grateful that our book can now be distributed for free in this region and that the Gospel message will be spread.

2017 08 Help

The Holy Spirit continues to move in Mongolia

Back in Ulaanbaatar, Irene could only marvel at the progress the capital city of Mongolia has made in such a short period of time. All over the place you find luxurious hotels, proper roads, restaurants, shops with luxury items, brand limousines ... however, despite all of this, poverty can be seen, too.

2017 08 HELP Base 02

The following days we spent time with part of our Mongolian HELP family in worship, prayer and by teaching them. Each day the Holy Spirit moved more and more powerfully. In the course of these days we saw many manifestations of the Spirit and healings.

20017 08 Hearing

Find more photos of our Mongolia trip here:


We are so much looking forward to our vacation break. In the beginning of October, Walter will go to Mongolia again and minister at »UPRISING Mongolia«. This prayer and fasting movment among the young generation is fantastic. Walter was already one of the speakers of the first UPRISING event in Korea ...

2017 08 Uprising

The »father« of this movement is Jerome Ocampo, a very good friend and pastor in Manila. His heart is stirred by a passion for young people - he lives, prayes and fasts for the young generation to live up to their destiny and to reach this world for Jesus Christ. At Re|Foramtion Fire in June 2017 we got a pre-taste of what it is like when young people rise up and walk in their destiny together with the older generation - »generations together«. For many years this has been stirring our hearts, too. It's a privilege to internationally walk alongside the young generation and spiritual fathers and mothers.

The simple Gospel

Besides our many trips to other continents, we love to minister in the German-speaking countries as well. Just recently, Walter was at the Zeltstadt 2017. Every year, »Kirche im Aufbruch« (Church on the Move) organzises this event. Walter spoke to 1,700 people at the Zeltstadt. Following please find some photos - it's so awesome what God is doing in the German-speaking countries. Right now, Walter is ministerin in Imst (Tyrol) and later this year he is going to Switzerland. Europe is desperate for the simple, clear Gospel.

If you want to know where else we are heading this year, pleae click to our itinerary. Thank you very much for standing with us - please continue to pray and to support us. The kingdom of God is advancing all over this world. Thank you for your faithfulness. God bless you powerfully and mightily!
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