Jesus said: »I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.« (Luke 12:8)
Jesus was permanently walking about. He healed the sick in the power of the Holy Spirit and did good to all who were tortured by the enemy. (Acts 10:38)

Just like Jesus, we are drawn to go to the streets of our nation, of Europe as well as of Asia. We sense the Holy Spirit's urgency to let the name of Jesus resound everywhere, not only in the hidden places behind walls, but outside where everybody can hear it.

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March for Jesus

The first »March for Jesus« in Manila - 24 years after we did our last march in Berlin - was an eye-opener and so encouraging, thus we did another »March for Jesus« in the course of Burning Hearts in Lüdenscheid. More than 2,000 excited Jesus lovers walked from the venue (Schützenhalle) to the center of town.

Rosengarten Walter

It was a march marked by joy and excitement, people were waving flags, singing and laughing. The name of Jesus could be read clearly on t-shirts, flags, banners, we sang, shouted and proclaimed it. The final celebration took place on one of Lüdenscheid's main squares where we shared testimonies, worshiped Jesus and proclaimed the Gospel.


Walter was absolutely in his element. Many people surrendered their lives to Jesus. After the alter call, the Burning Hearts participants went to all four directions in town, talked to people, prayed with them and led many to Jesus.


We cannot be silent

It's as if the body of Christ just waited for the starting shot. For Jesus' sake they no longer want to hide behind church walls. We hear about big and small, simple organized marches and are invited to join some of these. Just recently we were in Dresden and before that in Vienna. Europe needs to hear the Gospel on the streets. It takes Christians who are concerned enough for others and take to heart that people without Jesus are forever lost; and it takes the unity of the body of Christ. A Gospel that is not preached is no Gospel. We mustn't be silent!

Wien Leute

Who will go?

Besides ministering in Germany, we also travelled a lot, i.e. to Spain. During a 10-day-roundtrip, Walter preached in different churches, encouraged the believers and challenged them to go to the highways and byways. The time is now, that we in Europe shout out the name of Jesus - more than before and sometimes in a loud voice. However, who will cry out and who will go? Ask yourself, when did last time talk someone to you about Jesus on the street? Has anyone ever asked you about Jesus? However, Jesus has commanded us: »Go ... and preach!«


On the move!

For us »go and preach« means that we will be travelling internationally in the next few months: to Canada, to the USA, to Dubai and, of course, in Germany. Please check our itinerary and pray for us. Thank you very much for all support!

Walter Irene

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed holiday season. Enjoy the beautiful weather and life to its full. Perhaps we'll see you here or there, pray or even march together for Jesus.

All for the One: Jesus!


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