»Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.« 1 John 4:7

On our trips throughout Germany and abroad, we hear many exciting stories of how Jesus has found people as well as impacted and transformed their lives. These stories deeply touch hearts. God's people is growing, and one thing that connects all of his children is not the agreement on any theology, but it's the love of God that has been poured out by the Holy Spirit. It's love that is stronger than death. This love is beyond mere emotion. It's the most unselfish miracle that has ever been done in the universe.

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On the plane

Once Walter was sitting beside a gentleman on the plane who obviously didn't believe in any Christian religion. They talked and crossed the topic of Walter's job. The man started to guess, »Are you a banker, or a manager, or a businessman?« Walter explained, »I am an ambassador - an ambassador of God's love.« The man seemed confused and gasped for air, shared about his religion and said that he was the black sheep in the family. According to his opinion, God couldn't love but only punish him. By saying these words, he opened the gates wide, which Walter took immediate advantage of and shared with him about God's love and Jesus.

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The gentleman could hardly believe his ears. He wanted to know how Walter could know all these things. Walter answered playing dumb, »This is something I know deep down in my belly.« Very honest the gentleman replied, »Well, your belly doesn't help me a thing.« With that, Walter said to him, »If you want to experience God's love for yourself, you must look to the cross where Jesus died 2000 years ago for you. On the third day, he rose from the dead and he is alive today.« The man was deeply moved and close to tears, »God died for me?« The plane touched ground. Exiting the plane, he turned to Walter and said, »You ruined my weekend. I have come here to commit as much sin as possible, but now I can't anymore.« And with that he was gone!

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The love of God cheers us on

All of us can be born again - regardless our nationality or religious background. The love of God overcomes hostility, hatred, sickness, it delivers us from all bondage to powers of darkness. It doesn't trap us by making us believe that good works lead to salvation. Rather, it's aligned with the Apostle Paul's description of living life with the Holy Spirit. True theology simply says, »God is love and God's love will cast out all fear.«

Video Message

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This message of God's love is our incitement that takes us all over the world. The past months were quite busy – as usual. We went to the States and spoke in some churches that invited us. Shortly after retirmomg to Germany, Walter was again on the go to Leipzig and Kassel and proceeded to the United Arab Emirates with only one day at hom. In Dubai, he met wonderful Christians, and he had a great time in the Red Desert. With regards to the rest of the year ... it will be busy until Christmas. Besides speaking commitments throughout Germany, we are going on a ministry trip to Texas and Florida.

May the Lord bless you and guide you in his love.
Walter & Irene Heidenreich


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