»This good news of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world. It will be a witness to all nations. Then the end will come.« (Matthew 24:14)


We experience this joy in an unprecedented scale today. Huge crowds give their lives to Jesus on a daily basis. Foremost in Africa, Asia, South and Central America mega churches start to pop up and grow. Furthermore, mega events like conferences, crusades and prayer events accumulate, too. In addition there is are innumerable people who are getting saved by face-to-face evangelism. Mass baptisms and testimonies of healings as well as signs and miracles are the result. The kingdom of God is inexorable advancing throughout the earth.

Unfortunately, Europe makes a sad exception in this development. It should be our hope and we should make it a priority to change this soon. Together we should make the salvation of people through the precious gospel of God's love our target. We are convinced that things will change, for who will stop the advancement of God's kingdom.

Indonesien Meeting 01

Furthermore, we have found that the resurrection of the body of Christ and unity among his people has become a big topic everywhere. Especially the young generation is not primarily interested in denominations; they are kingdom-minded and focussing on God's people as one in all its diversity - nationally as well as globally.



Only recently, Walter has come back from Indonesia where he and hundreds of young people from many nations prayed together for a big harvest in this insular state. The highlight of this gathering was an open air event on the finaly day. However, the most profound encounter to Walter was a worship service with 100 children at an orphanage. He and the team shared about Jesus and the children literally absorbed every word. They tangibly had an encounter with the heart of God.

Walter was all excited about the whole trip. In Kohima, Nagaland's capital city (in the north east of India), he ministered alongside Rev. Dr. Huldah Buntain in a pastors' convention. The pastors got encouraged and became refreshed in the Holy Spirit. Strengthened by new power and filled with new hope, they went to tackle their sometimes very hard lives in romote places. In Dimapur, Walter spoke in two revival meetings - again mostly to young people. The young generation is on the move ...

with Huldah Buntain

... in Germany, too!

We diligently travel the nations and minister to many denominations. Anywhere we go, we see people giving their lives to Jesus, getting baptized in the Holy Spirit as well as diverse manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Some say that Germany is a tough nut and closed for the Gospel. However, the word of God and his love are like a strong hammer that cracks any tough nut. »My message is like fire,« announces the Lord. »It is like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces.« (Jer. 23:29)
Let's pray for this to happen. So many things are impossible for us, however, we do have a Father in heaven to whom everything is possible.

We are moving on

This year started off very promissing and it seems that we'll continue this trace. Please check our itinerary and maybe we'll get together somewhere. Perhaps at a March for Jesus or during our Myanmar outreach? This would be wonderful! It is a privilege to live as a child of God in these days.


Please pray for protection for us in everything and for an open heaven, so that we see Jesus in everything - and for oepn hearts of those we are ministering to. We bless you with power, courage and open doors to your families and anywhere you live to be a light in the darkness and to bear much fruit.
Jesus is coming back!
Walter & Irene Heidenreich

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