»If you obey my teaching«, he said, »you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free.« (John 8:31+32)

The Promise

What a powerful promise Jesus gave his disciples. To remain in his word means to know his word and to literally take it in. To know God's word means to a follower of Jesus to read it and even more, to study and to meditate on it, to ask God questions and to embrace his answers. It determins his thinking and with that his responses in everyday life, and it becomes a precious treasure, which - as always - needs to be found and lifted in the hidden places.

Die Wahrheit 03

His word is not only healing for personal iniquities, however, it's also God's command to lead us to a lifestyle of honouring him. Actually, it's a manual for his children in order to create harmony and fruitfulness in our lives. Thus, a real disciple of Jesus is molded and crafted. It's such a great privilege and leaves you almost unable to embrace in all dephts.

If we remain like this in the word of God, we will acknowledge the truth. A truth that isn't based on human standards, emotions, ideologies and experience, but the truth which is God in person. Jesus once said: »I am the truth!« Thus, the truth is a person who is known by name: JESUS!
When we capture this truth - to acknowledge Jesus - the truth will set us free ... free of fear of man, free of bondange, free of false self-esteem, free of lies and neglect - simply free!

Finally free!

Jesus, the king of truth and of love. What a wonderful truth which flows straight from the heart of the Gospel. The Gospel has power to break any stronghold of darkness. However, one has to face this freedom, not in order to become more religious but to become a free disciple of Jesus who wants to live like Jesus - to magnify God. To preach this Gospel is a privilege par excellence!

Recently we went to Manila (the Philippines) and witnessed this power of God at work. We went to Tondo, a part of Manila where poverty, darkness and misery almost leave no room for the slightest ray of hope on the horizon. During the crusade, people were rushing to the front to give their lives to Jesus. We saw the Holy Spirit work healing and deliverance. We believe and pray for a mighty spiritual transformation of this region.

Die Wahrheit 06

In Thailand, Walter ministered for a couple of days to youth from Thailand, Nigeria and Laos and encouraged them: »You will acknowledge the truth and the truth will set you free.« Almost all of the young people had an encounter with God's power and love. When the Holy Spirit moves, you may and will experience both. How wonderful to be able to live in this divine truth and reality. It's so liberating. No hypocracy, no religious self-betrayal, no religious stress.

The joy of God is our nature and it's our strenght and power. This makes Jesus the only source in our lives. Over the next couple of weeks we are travelling Mongolia, England and Germany.

Die Wahrheit 05

We bless you and thank you for your faithfulness, friendship and prayers as well as all support.

God is for you and he is with you!
Walter & Irene Heidenreich
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